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ACHANCE4LIFE is an organization that supports life for everyone; however, the marginalized and those which are seen as the underdogs and least important are important to us.


We like to bring out the beauty despite the bureaucracy of the less esteemed.  In other words we will cut to the chase of the caste and the class system and find the greatness in the relegated hierarchical bottom.  We want everyone (to have an equal chance) to be on their way up.

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We believe in elevating the VALUE of those who struggle with their own self worth; whether person, household, tribe, village, town, borough, city or nation.  Those who society has said are not important, are important to us! 


We want people to see the BEAUTY of something that is uniquely them.  All of us have something, no matter how small. A diamond starts off as coal in the ground but their is a diamond within. Someone will fight for the coal in order to get to the beautiful diamond on the inside. You are worth fighting for, you must understand what is within.


We want to help you RECREATE or come to understand the beauty of you and your world.  We do this through imagery, stories of those who made it (coming from similar situations).

We want you to see and hear the possibilities of life!!!


 We would like to CONNECT you with resources and possibilities to bring out the best of you and give you life. Networking is important in order to create opportunities.  We are hoping to connect you with educational resources, politicians, churches and people/groups that can elevate you and give you a chance for life. 

what have we done?

What Have We Already Accomplished?


ACHANCE4LIFE has been in West Africa for over 15 years helping out marginalized communities, under the name of African Initiative Mission or AIM. 

We have developed the SHEF plan. 


 Sustainability, Health, Education and Faith 


Throughout our decade of service, we have put in wells, built a school building, held over ten years of educational conferences and helped thousands of children, including many young women with their education.


We have purchased thousands of health care cards and fed and clothed tens of thousands of people. We have supported farming and agricultural development for sustainability and have pointed to the endowment by the Creator of all people. 

In America we are on a mission to ELEVATE the value of all marginalized people!  

First stop,  CHANGE THE NARRATIVE  and THE IMAGERY and RECREATE, hoping to help people see their own potential and the diamond which they hold on the inside.



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